10 Years a Dirt Dog

Keles posted Mar 10, 15  -  10 yearsanniversaryDirt DogsWoW

That's not a typo.  Though, if you've been keeping count, you knew that already.  Dirt Dogs are 10 years old this month.  Reflect on that for a minute.  This guild, started by the same people in it today, is 10 years old.  A dashing decade of digital doggie do-goodary.  A plethera of puppy power and perilous predicaments.  A century of canine... You get the idea.  Also the alliteration train left the station.

And well, we gotta have a party for that.  One does not just become a ten year old guild.  You have to celebrate.  So we're going to do that.  Mark your calendars and set your phone alarms.  On Sunday, March 29th, at 7pm, we'll have a little get together.  I'd tell you what we're doing, but I didn't plan anything yet.  Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow?

But I do know this much:  Even if you're not currently subscribed to WoW, I'd love for you to make an appearance on ventrillo during our little bash.  Maybe it could be the start of a multiplayer DD night for those not on WoW.  So join the Dirt Dogs in celebrating our 10 year anniversary this month!  Keep those calendars free and I'll see you Sunday March 29th from 7 to 8pm(EST)!

Dirt Dogs!  You are Mighty!

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